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Using video marketing in your business is now essential – so you get seen by more ‘Ready-To-Buy’ customers.
Your business will get more exposure and enquiries due to engaging videos.  With 100’s and 100’s of hours of broadcast TV, Corporate, Advertising and Live Broadcast, you’ll capitalise on this expertise.

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Discover The EXPERIENCED Team That Brings Your Video Marketing Alive

Having spent over 25 years in the TV broadcasting and production business, (you can view our video marketing portfolio here) the constant updating of skills and acquiring new knowledge has kept us at the front of changes to the industry and technology.

The ability to adapt and implement these changes is what gives us the ADDED ADVANTAGE over other providers, as our extensive number of broadcast hours is experience only learnt from many years of ‘doing’ the work.

Working in TV, corporate and the advertising fields gives us the exposure to the different working environments and the associated demands, nuances and pressures – all with award winning success. 

“Using video marketing in your business is now essential – so you get seen by more ready-to-buy customers.”

Did you know that videos have a much higher conversion rate than just text? Videos make it easy for you to explain, inform and educate prospects in the ways that you can help them.  Videos also develop trust, as the viewer can get to know you and your business with videos.  More than 60 percent of consumers will spend at least two minutes watching a video that educates them about a product/service they plan to purchase.

And that’s why it makes sense to speak with a team who not only understand local business marketing, but also have 47 years combined broadcast television, advertising and corporate video production experience.  Read more about Glenn and Janet below…

Meet Janet and Glenn, the owners of Viddyup

Janet commenced her career at ABC TV in Sydney in the early 1980s. As part of her training,  Janet worked on all aspects of television program production from program format and development to scripting, producing and directing.

In her time at ABC TV,  Janet rose through the ranks to become Senior Producer’s Assistant, Assistant Producer, Director and Producer before leaving the ABC to take up a position as Producer/Director at Optus Pay TV working primarily with the Sport Channel.

Janet worked on a variety of sport programming, producing magazine style shows and full scale Outside Broadcast productions for Athletics, Netball, Basketball, Swimming and Volleyball.   

After leaving Optus, she worked freelance for Foxtel and ESPN-Singapore including producing the Athletics for the South East Asian Games in Brunei.

In 1999, Janet was contracted by Sydney Olympic Broadcasting Organisation (SOBO) to produce the Archery event for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games winning the Bronze award in the IOC’s ‘Olympic Golden Rings’ competition for Best Television Coverage.

Janet joined Hullabaloo Studios in the early 2000’s as a media producer and marketing director, bringing highly valuable knowledge and understanding of television production to the company, which then saw massive growth in the post production and music production industries.

With the shift in technology, taking the business online with Glenn was a necessary move, which has led to exciting changes and opportunities and business growth.

Janet has successfully produced Live-Stream programs, which utilises her vast outside broadcast and live TV production skills.

Glenn commenced his career at ABC TV in Sydney in 1981. In his 3 -year traineeship, he worked in every area of television operations for three years, specialising in audio post-production. Along with audio-post, Glenn worked in the TV studios contributing to many television production recordings.

Over the next several years, Glenn worked on every kind of program format ranging from News & Current Affairs, Drama, Comedy, Children’s Programming and Opera. Outside of the ABC, Glenn freelanced in audio-post and music production.

In the early 1990’s, Glenn and his business partner started ‘The Warehouse Studios’ which was aligned with the music industry.

In the mid-90’s the company diversified to include television production, audio-post and music production and was re-branded to become Hullabaloo Studios.

Glenn’s great love of music saw his passion realised through his active interest in composing and producing music for television, advertising campaigns, theatre productions and artist releases.  Foremost for this, Hullabaloo was the ONLY live event and music production provider for Walt Disney during their 10-year base-of operations in Australia, and included many tours for live productions across Australia and Asia.

With the changing face of technology, Glenn has continued his learning and skills and in the mid-2000’s, took the business online to meet the ever growing demands for web based digital solutions for business.

Seeing a gap in the marketplace, Glenn has constantly evolved to provide solutions for businesses to thrive in the online world.

Since 2018, Glenn has also been spending a number of hours each week at leading Catholic Girls High School – Mercedes College in Perth WA – as Digital Media Officer and providing video marketing services.

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