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Video Marketing That Gets Your Business Seen By 'Ready-To-Buy' Customers

Shouldn't YOUR business get seen online by more customers? Let's show you how...

All online platforms are made for video and over the past few years the growth of video across all these mediums is feeding a growing audience who are able to access this huge amount of content 24/7 on varied devices. 

Video Marketing gets your business seen by more ‘ready-to-buy’ customers. 

And now… any size business who wants to get more people to know about them, can use video that gets more leads and makes more sales.

Do you think that using video to promote your business will be out of your budget?

Actually, it’s never been easier and more affordable to use video.  Long-gone are the days of expensive Broadcast TV Commercials.

And that’s where the trap lies…

Thanks to technology, everyone with an iphone or drone can make videos.  But they’re not EXPERTS, they’re students and guess whose money they’re learning on? YOURS!

You see, simply shooting some footage for your business doesn’t make a video that’s…

  • compelling;
  • showcases your business correctly;
  • gets you visibility online;
  • converts the viewer to a lead;
  • or, provide a comprehensive video marketing strategy.


Pretty images, slo-mo, and aerial shots are nice, but they mean nothing without a script and a strategy that markets your business.  Too much is at stake.

You can take advantage of our 100’s and 100’s of hours of production experience. Because that’s what makes us stand out from other ‘video makers’

We don’t just have an experienced eye for the creative. 

We’re not wedding or real-estate photographers looking for a way to make some cash.  

We’re the people you can now have on your team for professional video production, and who are also long-term business owners who understand how to actually make various styles of videos that your audience will want to watch and that makes potential customers want to buy from you.

So What’s Holding YOU Back?

Is it one of these top 7 blocks that’s stopping you from using video for
your business?

Have you taken video with your smartphone but, you need help editing to make it look and sound great?

Animated logos, music and quality sound get your videos seen.  We can take your footage and make professional videos for your business that SAVES YOU TIME & MONEY.  Speak with Janet on 0407 256 966

Videos make up 82% of internet content.

Giving you videos that are eye-catching, content driven and worthwhile is the key ingredient in our services.

Below are some of the major clients we've worked with. This is where we built the experience and skills that we use on YOUR videos. Hover over the logos for details of productions...

Productions include Playschool to Sports, Entertainment and Drama

Live international productions, original music writing and production, TV network production

The Block, Location Location, Now You See It, Money, body + soul, My Place, The Great Chase, Our Country.

Programs include Documentary and Lifestyle. My Business, Room For Improvement, Medical Rookies, Auction Squad, etc.

Lifestyle series such as: Life Support, National Karaoke Challenge, The Big Byte

It’s this very experienced skill-set we bring to YOUR video productions and marketing

Some Examples Of Client Videos

Here's a small number of examples of the many styles of the videos we can create for your business.
You want to see what we've done, right? Which styles can you use in your business?

Perth Video Marketing Services

Your business can select from the range of video  services and packages now available – so you can get your message out to more customers
social purple

Keeping your followers
engaged and with
'Done For You' video content
that engages your audience

Untitled design

What's the point of having a video if no-one sees it? So get it seen.

live stream turquoise

Your event can be streamed with the expertise that comes from our vast and comprehensive TV and video production knowledge

youtbe green

Professional video is our strong point, because we have 100's & 100's of hours experience

lightbulb blue

If you can provide your own video recordings, we'll add titles, animated logos and a complete edit so you get a professional 'MASTER' video

Video Marketing Packages

Perth businesses… we MAKE IT EASY with these ‘Ready-To-Go’ Video Marketing packages that include everything your business needs to succeed.  No project is too large or too small, because it’s YOUR project and building your businesses sales is our #1 priority.

Social Videos

Fresh, regular videos for your social channels
$ 127 from $127 per video
  • 30-60 second video for promotion, news or specials
  • Image/video, text and music
  • No need to appear on camera
  • Compelling content to tell your story and promote your service and products
Great Value


Perfect for general business promotion
$ 2450
from inc GST
  • 1 x Business Feature/Introduction Video – 2’00” duration (value $3000)
  • 1 x Business News or Product Demo – 1’00” duration (value $1500) +$1000
  • 2 x Promo/Teaser Video – 0.30” duration (value $600 each). This can be evergreen or timely promotions. Using existing footage/images from the Feature video + $1000 (for both)
Save $2650

Your Weekly Show

3 months of completed production
$ $250 from per week
  • Complete content production for 12 x weekly shows you can drip-feed for 3 months of content
  • Limited time requirement from the business
  • Ready to use across multiple platforms
  • 'Evergreen' content ready for re-use

Corprate Videos

A complete pack for all your video marekting
$ 4950
from inc GST
  • 1 x Business Feature/Introduction Video – 2’00” duration (value $3000)
  • 1 x Business Services/Products – 2’00” duration (value $3000)
  • 1 x Meet the Team – 1’00” duration (value $1500)
  • 1 x Business News or Demo – 1’00” duration (value $1500)
  • 4 x Promo/Teaser Video – 0.30” duration (value $1200)
save $5250

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